Bok Choy – A New Favorite

Wow! Is it hot and humid and sweaty!

In spite of the heat work goes on at the Palestine Community Garden … perhaps at a slower pace, though.  We received our last load of topsoil and have begun filling the herb beds.  We also continue to work on converting the garden to Back to Eden style gardening and we can already see improvement in how the plants are weathering this 90+ temps.

Today we picked Bok Choy (actually the seed packet said Pak Choi) to take to the local food pantry along with our 1st sweet corn, eggplant, cucumbers, and zucchini.

Eggplant, cucumbers, zucchini, bok choy, sweet corn

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Another Monday Trip to the Food Pantry

Still fighting squash bugs in the zucchini.  We’ve pulled & burned 4 plants and may have to do the same with the other 8. :(

We have planted a 2nd round of zucchini in different beds and we are hoping the pests will have moved on by the time these are maturing.

Work is progressing on taking the garden Back to Eden.  We were fortunate to get a truck load of chips from a tree removed from the church’s yard and our Village has begun dropping off the bush they pick up around the community.  That will be run through our own chipper and go straight on to the garden.

Feeling blessed in Palestine!

Today we delivered cucumbers, zucchini, & the last of the beets to the Palestine Food Pantry.

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The Squash Bugs Are Winning

We finally had to give up on one bed of zucchini.  The squash bugs had done to much damage on three of the four plants. :(

This leaves us with two more beds and we are hoping they don’t succumb to these nasty pests too!

Still, we were able to salvage a few zukes for the food pantry today along with a few more cucumbers.

Tomatoes are still a little ways off.  The Romas are full of fruit, if we can only get them to ripen!


Today’s harvest: cucumbers & zucchini 

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The hot weather is taking its toll on the garden and the volunteers.  The heat, combined with the excessive rain is creating a bug problem as well.  Nearly all of the leafy plants are under attack.  We’ve been able to stay on top of the squash bugs, so far, but they have caused some damage too.  And the G-N-A-T-S!! are eating the volunteers!  Just another summer in southeastern Illinois! :)

Today we delivered another basket of zucchini and cucumbers to the food pantry where they will go to good use. Our local food pantry serves 750-950 individuals per month!

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Zukes & Cukes & a Few Beets for Good Measure


Rains are back in southern Illinois … did they ever really leave?



A bigger problem for the Palestine Community Garden though,  the squash bugs have returned this year.
We’ve tried dusting the zucchini with Diatomaceous Earth, but it may have been too late for some of the plants – and they were looking SO GOOD. :(
We have never used chemicals in the garden, but two years in a row is getting old fast!
Any proven remedies out there?

Zucchini, Cucumbers, Beets, Lettuce, Spinach, & Radishes coming out of the garden this week.

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And so it begins!

We are LOVIN’ our raised bed gardening!  They are so much easier to take care of and they are beginning to fill in nicely.  We got nearly 3 lbs of radishes out of 4′ walk up bed.

Fighting a few pests – especially in our cabbages but hey, that’s life!

A church member set a hive near the garden this year and we are hoping for some mutual benefits from that.

Making our first trip to the local food pantry this evening. :)